Napse is the largest retail automation solutions company in Latin America.


Created from two of the most widely-recognized companies in the industry, Synthesis in Hispano-America and Linx in Brazil, our business automation solutions firm has over 3,000 employees, 45,000 customers and the technology needed to transform ordinary customer experiences into exceptional business outcomes.

Our offering is focused on omni-channel retail business challenges: provide unique customer experiences; personalize offers and promotions so that they are both relevant to clients and profitable; increase digital platform conversions; transform the payment process; and offer technology that tracks both consumer behavior and industry change.

We are present in over 16 countries in the Americas and have worked with the region’s principal retailers for over 30 years.




Carlos Anino

Carlos is founder and CEO of Napse, where he is responsible for Strategic Management and Business Development. He has a degree in Systems Engineering from the University of Buenos Aires and over 25 years’ experience as a successful entrepreneur. He has also worked as an IT Board Advisor at the Nordelta Foundation, Northlands School; in the Engineering Faculty of the UBA, as well as at the University of Palermo. He was Member of the Curricular Commission of the Computer Engineering degree program. He also worked as Board Member of the CESSI (Software and IT Services Argentine Chamber).

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Néstor Fernández

Néstor is a co-founder of Napse, where he is a strategic advisor and supports development of large-scale projects in multiple countries. With over 25 years of experience in retail technologies and best practices, Néstor was responsible for the IBM 4680 and 4690 retail products. He is considered one of the most experienced and knowledgeable people in the industry.

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Paulo Puglisi

Paulo is Regional Vice President for Central America, Mexico and the U.S. South, responsible for Sales and Operations. He began his professional career at Synthesis over 16 years ago, assuming diverse roles and positions, with executive and management responsibilities in both Argentina and Mexico. He has participated in international scale implementations in which he led multidisciplinary teams. Paulo’s vision and hard work have helped Synthesis grow.

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César Etchebarne

César is Sales Director at Napse. His 20 plus years of experience in managing large retail transformation projects have brought both industry and tech knowledge to the organization. He previously worked in the Clearing House (“Caja de Valores”) for 10 years. He has a bachelor’s degree in Systems Engineering from CAECE and a postgraduate degree in Business Management from the University of Belgrano.

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Martín Malievac

Martín is Director of Research & Development. He heads the operations and tech evolution of the Napse suite of solutions. He has over 20 years of experience in the management and development of mission-critical solutions, having worked as an integral architect and overseeing both design and innovation. Before joining Napse, he worked at YPF, Banco Galicia and BNL.

He is a Systems Engineer and graduate of the National Technological University, where he also worked as a professor in two subject areas. Martín has over 10 international certifications in various tech areas, a Master’s in Data Mining and Knowledge Management from the University of Buenos Aires, and a postgraduate degree in Strategic Systems Management from the National Technological University.

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Agostina Verni

Ejecutiva de Recursos Humanos con trayectoria de más de 14 años en multinacionales innovadoras como Google y Red Hat donde lideró procesos de atracción y gestión de talento para Latinoamérica.
Lic. en Administración de Recursos Humanos de la Universidad del Salvador, cursó estudios de MBA en ESEADE y un programa Ejecutivo de RR.HH con Cornell University.
Es columista para diversos medios en la región y Speaker invitada en escuelas de negocios y foros donde comparte tendencias y casos de innovación para transformar la función de RR.HH para la era digital.

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María Silvia Mielniczuk

Gis Napse’s marketing and communications manager for Latin America. She has over 20 years of experience in the area of marketing, communications and business development for high-tech companies. María Silvia began her career in Argentina, then moved to São Paulo, Brazil, where she lived for 17 years. During that time, she developed her entrepreneurial skills founding a marketing and communications company that served clients such as companies such as HP, Intel, Telefonica and Grupo ASSA, among many others.

In 2011 she helped launch the startup Designit in the San Pablo market. The company was widely-regarded as a European leader in user experience and design- thinking. She was partner there until 2013.

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Linx is one of the leading business automation companies in Brazil. It offers solutions for all structured retail segments in the most highly diverse vertical markets.
It sells both directly using its own sales force, as well as indirectly via a network of over 200 franchisees located throughout Brazil.

The company has a market share of approximately 40% in Brazil and is listed on the São Paulo stock exchange, BOVESPA (LINX3).

Linx acquired Synthesis in July 2017 as the basis for its regional expansion strategy. Together they formed Napse to provide solutions for the evolution of retail on a worldwide scale.

Synthesis brings various key pieces to this expansion, including deep market knowledge of Latin America, 30 years of experience providing innovative solutions to the region’s most important retailers, and its diverse team, which continues to design products and services that facilitate the industry’s digital transformation.

For more information about Linx, please visit