Napse Fiscal Flow

Issue tax documents in any circumstance

Cloud-based platform that simplifies your daily life.


Napse Fiscal Flow gives companies the possibility of issuing, controlling, managing, storing (on a server or in the cloud), and sending electronic receipts to their customers.

It also provides tools that enable customer loyalty, through voucher-related advertising or promotional strategies.

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Electronic invoice

Our platform is multi-portal, so multiple businesses, brands, or franchises can be managed in a unified manner. find out more find out more

Online receipt

Multi-currency, so that you can sell abroad or launch independent sites in each country. find out more

2G printer

Unlimited SKUs. No percentages associated with the sale of your site. Fully integrated. find out more
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Receipt designer

It allows you to design custom vouchers, as well as invoices and credit notes in various formats that are sent to customers directly via e-mail.

find out more

100% autonomous operation

Your physical points of sale will be able to operate with no connection, without ever stopping operations.

find out more

Alerts module

You’ll receive immediate alerts via e-mail or WhatsApp regarding operation-related events. find out more
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24/7 monitoring

Monitoring of the environment with the alerts module ensuring the availability of your operation. find out more

Scalability and performance

Napse Fiscal Flow issues over 5 million invoices per day throughout the region. find out more


Automated triggers that allow offline transmission in case of lack of connectivity. find out more
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E-voucher designer

It allows you to add advertisements and promotions. find out more
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Napse Cloud-Based Technology

Fiscal Flow is a cloud-based invoice issuer, i.e., it is completely online and secure, ensures greater scalability, robustness, and brings agility and convenience to your day. find out more

Control Panel

Business management system that offers results for your company. It allows you to request the cancellation, removal, and inquiry of invoices already issued both simply and quickly. find out more

Information Security

XMLS storage security for the required amount of time. All information is stored in a secure and stable environment. find out more

Native Integration

It runs inside the Napse automation, i.e., an End-to process that guarantees the complete operation of the POS. It also reduces deployment time and makes it easier to manage your system architecture. find out more
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