We present below the Company‘s Privacy Policy in relation to the acceptance, storage and utilization of personal information provided by users to Napse website. By accessing the website, the user expressly accepts all practices included in this Privacy Policy. Then, we do recommend that users who do not agree with our Privacy Policy not to use this website.

Terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy may be changed at any time either by Napse. Then, we recommend the periodical verification of its terms.


Information obtained from users of above mentioned website contributes for the continuous improvement and personalization of such site, guaranteeing a more useful utilization by users. Information by e-mail – The supply of the users‘ e-mail address is quite important since it permits that Napse keep users informed about the latest news on the Company. However, the user may, at any time, decide not to receive such information anymore. In this case, Napse will stop sending it as soon as possible. For the safety and privacy of the user, personal information, such as password and electronic signature, will not be sent by e-mail.

Information from other sources – In order to improve and supplement the personalization level of our services we can receive information about users from other sources such as LINX Group‘s companies, partners and other websites, adding them to information already maintained in our files.


The user will provide information that will be accepted and stored by our systems. Among provided information, it may be included name, address and other personal information. It is up to the user to provide such information. The truth and accuracy of personal information provided in this website are guaranteed by the user, who will take the responsibility in case such information is not accurate. Napse have no responsibility on inaccurate information provided by the user in this website. The user who supplies its information in the site may consult and update it whenever necessary.

It is part of Napse practice not to sell, distribute or make this information available to third parties for market or other purposes if not previously authorized by users who provided such information.


Napse will concentrate efforts to maintain information and materials included in this website as precise, updated and complete as possible. However, Napse will not be responsible for eventual inaccuracies or omissions of materials available in this website and will not take any responsibility for their utilization, application or processing made by users.

All information from users are collected by Napse through ethical and legal means and stored according to rigid standards of security and confidentiality. We are focused on protecting your information during the transferring process.

Whenever other companies are hired to provide supporting services, Napse will require from them the same level of privacy, confidentiality and security that are assured by our Privacy Policy.

It is quite important that users take protective measures in relation to third parties‘ access to their password and computer, once they are of users‘ sole responsibility.